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The Social Intrapreneurz

Our vision
We strongly believe in the power of business to make positive impact on society and that social intrapreneurship is central in achieving this. We believe that 'shared value' of financial and social returns is the business model of the future and that employees have the ambition and ability to drive this.

What are social intrapreneurs?
Social intrapreneurs are entrepreneurial employees ('change agents') within companies who are taking on initiatives that do well for their companies and also do good for society. They drive change from within to address social and environmental challenges, while also ensuring financial return for the company. They do this by leveraging existing infrastructures and organisational capabilities. These corporate changemakers work in all sectors, across all levels and companies. They are slowly starting to be recognized as key players in tackling the worlds biggest problems, both socially and environmentally, while at the same time ensuring economic success. Companies are starting to recognize the importance of social intrapreneurs and the value they create. However, companies do not optimally identify, stimulate and empower these assets.

Our mission
It is our mission to change the DNA of companies by helping them embed corporate cultures that encourage and empower social intrapreneurship. We will create a movement of social intrapreneurs to support, inspire and motivate people around the world to maximise not only their potential but also that of their companies. They will be empowered to address the worlds biggest challenges and in doing so will ensure the long term financial, economic and social prosperity for all.

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